Nederlands vir (Afrikaanse) dommies

Ok, so here's the thing: I created this site, yay! I've even had some positive feedback from someone other than my mom - double yay! 

And now what? 

Submitted the url to google, posted the link on a few South African sites - expat sites, Afrikaans forums, Dutch forums, etc - and still my google ratings suck. Placing 49 when people google "hoe om Nederlands te leer vir Afrikaans sprekendes" is hair-pullingly-feet-stampingly frustrating - I should be up there, first page, in stead of that bloody idiot who claims that actually, Afrikaans is not a separate language to Dutch, it is really just one and the same thing. Ja right. Anyways - back to the topic - I figured: let's use a blog entry to just use as many keywords as possible and see if we can fool our very fouvourite search engine! Cleeeever. 

And if you're wondering why this is in English: my ever-practical husband convinced me that many (most) South Africans, when they go online, turn to English as their default language. So even if a Afrikaans speaking South African would like to learn Dutch they would probably google "how to learn Dutch for South Africans", instead of "Hoe om Nederlands te leer vir Afrikaans sprekendes". Guess there's not a whole lot of great Afrikaans websites out there yet - no judgement here... (but get on it already dammit, we can't leave it all to watkykjy!!!). 

Anyways, so a completely utterly useless blog post, just to use the words Afrikaans, South African, Dutch, Nederlands, learn and leer all in one sentence. Maybe I should throw Belgium, Netherlands and Flemish in there too. Just in case. 

Ok, one last time: this website gives Afrikaans speaking, or South Africans with a working knowledge of Afrikaans, tips on learning Dutch.  

Ok google, take that! 

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